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Painting & Decorating Services

With the roots of our company firmly based in decorating, and this being what we are most known for. We offer every decorating service needed within residential and commercial refurbishment work. Taking on anything from a 1 bedroom redecoration to a full apartment block internal and external redecoration means we have an extensive client base and catalogue of references.



& Wallpapering

We can offer different levels of painting finishes to suit your needs. For example, rental property owners often request a quick refresh in between tenancies. Whereas, private homeowners most commonly desire a top quality finish applied using specialist techniques. We also employ full time paper hangers who can deliver the best possible finish on even the trickiest of papers and patterns.



Restoration Works

Often we are asked to restore classic London fixtures and fittings such as cornices, covings, sash windows, shutters and very dated and almost irreparable woodwork. Fixing such elements within your property so that they appear new is an art and a skill that we are pleased to be able to offer.



External Decoration

We have become very known for our immaculate exterior work as our highly skilled team can for example skim old victorian masonry work and re-model old mouldings to look new using modern materials. We have a host of past properties that can be viewed to see the standard we produce.


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Spray Painting

We do not spray walls or ceilings on site as we don’t believe you can achieve as great a finish as using the classic methods. However, some elements such as bespoke joinery, radiators and kitchen cabinets where a factory finish is desired require our on site or workshop sprayers to come into the frame.